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Dukes Exteriors provide their customers with efficient and secure Gutter cleaning services in Preston and its surrounding areas. Our highly trained experts clean your gutters professionally as a one of time or at scheduled times of the year to increase the life-span of your drainage and minimise the risk of damage or leaks.

We’re able to offer great value for money as our team are highly trained and use top equipment, which means we’re fast and efficient on-site. 

If you’re based in Preston and need your gutters cleaning, give us a call on 07540 279577 for more information or a free quote.

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Professional Gutter Cleaners at Excellent Rates

Gutter Cleaners Preston

It’s important for homeowners to periodically have their gutters cleaned to ensure blockages don’t occur.

A blocked drain will cause rainwater to run down the brickwork of your property, which then causes a range of problems such as damp, mould, condensation or if left unattended to… structural damage to the property.

It’s common for our clients to pair our Gutter Cleaning services with our range of other services such as Window Cleaning, Facias Soffits & UPVC Cleaning and Pressure Washing.

We’re able to set up affordable monthly payment plans that allow you to sit back, relax and know that the exterior of your property is taken care of. 

Commercial Window Cleaners at Excellent Rates

Commercial Gutter Cleaners Preston

Blocked gutters are usually caused by moss, dead animals e.g birds & leaves leading to water running down the side of a building.

This is one of the leading causes for why large builders / commercial units require expensive structural repair in the UK.

If you want to minimise the risk of damage to your property, building or unit you should work with an experienced, professional gutter cleaning firm.

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